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PT. BERLIAN ARTHA LABEL uses the latest Swiss and German technology in label making.

In woven label industry, we understand that technology has an important role to produce best result. Our ability to produce label in certain number and time depends on our machine. In that order, we are trying to improve our producticity by using the best and latest technology. Currently, we're using machines with German and Swiss technology.

PT. BERLIAN ARTHA LABEL offers competitive price.

Compared to other company, we are a fast-growing label company where we are in position to give you competitive price. We implement a standard to our price for our customer. This means our price basis is carefully calculated so we may quote a price that is worth every penny customer spent.

We also implement effective and efficient ways in our production chain so that we may be able to keep our cost competitive and worthy to the quality we deliver. With doing so, we protect our customer from spending unnecessary cost.

Eventhough, we are not compromised when it comes to quality we're giving. We always update ourselves with newest technology information that would enable us to keep our production effective.

PT. BERLIAN ARTHA LABEL follows up the client in time effectively.

Customers are our partners in business. Mutualism relationship between each party is needed to expanding the business and gain more profit for both. That's why we value the speed and aligned communication to our client because we know every second is important. We follow up the client in time effectively from getting order, production and till delivery. All we do is to maintain this relationship.

PT. BERLIAN ARTHA LABEL is surrounded of people who is expert in the industry.

PT. BERLIAN ARTHA LABEL is surrounded and supported by skillful staffs which are continuously stuffed with information and experience about update technology by thorough training and learning.

PT. BERLIAN ARTHA LABEL helps the client to manage the stock supply.

One of our many benefits is we are working alongside you to manage you label stock supply. We understand that stock availability effects on your production and that stock could run out in any seconds. We flexibly deliver to you in certain amount in time you need to keep your stock available.

Imagine that you were using other service with cheaper cost but they couldn't deliver the label as you scheduled. Eventually, you couldn't get your production done in time and you lost your market. The loss you got would be much higher than your saving.

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