Our Vission

To be an excellent leading woven / printed label & offset printing industry that continuously create best innovative product and service.

Our Mission

  • Keep paying great attention at market demand which is more and more exacting and constantly changing
  • Continuously synchonize innovation with technology
  • Provide our employees with deep experience by continuous training and education
  • Keep serving our customer first class service

Vission MIssion Berlian Label Image

Company Value

We believe that customer can place order with confidence and supported by our values:

First class service

Our customer is treated with first class service. That means we manage to put customers in priority when important and urgent things come up in time of need. It is also inclusing timely delivery.

High quality

We actively maintain our quality of the product so only the selected product that meet customer requirement is delivered.


With cost efficiency in our production, we could quote our customers the very best price without compromising with our quality and service standard.
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Email: info@berlianlabel.com